Program Information

Program Information

AmeriCorps Childcare Benefits Program

The AmeriCorps Childcare Benefit Program is available for qualified, active, full-time AmeriCorps State and National, VISTA, NCCC, and FEMA Corps Members who need the benefit to serve; eligibility requirements are listed below for each AmeriCorps program. Childcare benefits are paid directly to qualified childcare providers for all or of part of the member's childcare costs during their active time of service with AmeriCorps; childcare benefit payments cannot be paid directly to AmeriCorps members. Childcare benefits may not exceed applicable payment rates as established in the state in which the childcare is provided under the Childcare and Development Block Grant Act of 1990 (42 U.S.C. 9858c(4)(A)).

Application Process

To learn about your eligibility requirements, follow the link to our AmeriCorps Childcare Benefit Program Fact Sheet

Whether you are an AmeriCorps member or childcare provider, please use the AmeriCorps Member and Childcare Provider Checklists to confirm that you have all the documents to complete your Childcare benefit application.

AmeriCorps Childcare Program Member Checklist

AmeriCorps Childcare Program Provider Checklist

For your convenience, you can choose to apply online. Please utilize and share the below links to our online applications; and if you choose to fill out a paper application, click the Forms/Resources button located at the center of the homepage to find and print the forms you need.

AmeriCorps Member Online Application

AmeriCorps Provider Online Application

For a description on the Types of Childcare Providers, please click below.

Types of Childcare Providers

To find out if your provider of choice is approved to receive childcare payments from AmeriCorps, please review the AmeriCorps Childcare Provider State Guide.

If your childcare provider doesn't meet your state's requirement to participate, please select a different childcare provider.

GAP Solutions (GAPSI) has compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help answer questions that AmeriCorps State & National, VISTA, and NCCC members may have about the AmeriCorps Childcare Program (ACCP). If you find you have further questions not addressed by the FAQs or need assistance in applying please feel free to contact our childcare coordinators toll free at 1-855-886-0687.

Privacy Statement

The personal information that is solicited on this form is needed to determine your eligibility and later to disburse payments on behalf of the AmeriCorps Member. We solicit your name, address, phone numbers, date of birth for children needing care to determine your eligibility for the childcare benefit. From the child care provider, the primary purpose for soliciting a social security number/ Tax Identification number, banking information, phone number and home address is to help facilitate payments of your benefit to them on your behalf. Gap Solutions is committed to ensuring that any personal information received is safeguarded against unauthorized disclosure. The data you provide is voluntary and subject to the provisions of the Privacy Act of 1974 (5 U.S.C. 552a) and the agency's privacy policy. Collection of the information you provide is authorized by the National and Community Service Act of 1990 and the Serve America Act of 2009 (Pub. L. No. 111-13). If you choose not to disclose your personal data, it could impact your ability to receive payment or other benefits or the agency to process your application. Use of the information collected based on this form is restricted to the purposes cited in this privacy statement or unless the disclosure is otherwise permitted under the provisions of the Privacy Act. This information may be released to appropriate federal, state, and local agencies, when relevant, and to civil, criminal, or regulatory investigators and prosecutors. For information on routine uses authorized in the Federal Register notice governing this system of records, please visit

Privacy Act Statement (PAS)

Authorities – This information is requested pursuant to the National and Community Service Act of 1990 as amended (42 USC 12501 et seq.), the Domestic Volunteer Service Act of 1973 as amended (42 USC 4950 et seq.), and E.O. 9397 as amended. Purposes – It is requested to manage, administer, and evaluate the childcare benefits program offered to eligible AmeriCorps Service Members. Routine Uses – Routine uses of this information may include disclosure to (1) contractors to assist with administering the childcare benefit, (2) individuals and organizations providing childcare, and (3) federal, state, or local agencies pursuant to lawfully authorized requests. A complete list of uses can be found in the system of records notice associated with this collection of information, CNCS–06–CPO–ACB–AmeriCorps Child Care Benefit System (ACB). Effects of Nondisclosure – This request is voluntary, but not providing the information will likely affect your ability to receive childcare benefits.

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